Horses for sale / Denmark

Prices: 2015

Box : 3000 DKK.

Box and training / total price 6000.DKK. per month.

Riding young horses first month 6500 DKK.

Jumping training 200 DKK. per. lesson. ( With two on each team )

Training in  jumping / dressage 300 DKK. per lesson. ( one rider )

Price per hour (personal attending outside the stable) 600 DKK.

Cutting of horse: 500 kr.

Transport of horses at shows in Denmark driving per day 500 DKK . for each horse. (bridge or ferry costs are shared on the number of horses)

All prices include VAT.

Housing / riding.

The horses are fed three times a day with following:

- cereal, vitamin - and mineral mixture

Morning and evening:

- wrap

The horse is stabled at the owner's own risk . If the horse get ill ( colic ex. ) Horse Invest has the right and obligation to call the vet, paid by the owner.

Riding and training is done to the best of our knowledge.

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