Manager, rider and trainer Dennis Noes Michaelsen

I completed the Danish Riding Association six year training program for certified riders and trainers in 2003. During the first three years of the program my mentor was Holger E. Sorensen, at Hjørring Riding Center. The last three years were with mentor Jon D. Pedersen at Dalum stable. When I graduated at the age of only 23, I had already successfully competed in both dressage and showjumping at the lower grand prix levels.

Since graduation I have specialized in show jumping. In 2003 I worked for one year under rider Dirk Ahlmann in Germany, where I was employed as a competition - and the first rider.

In 2004 I started my own sales - and competition stable. In 2004 I also took the opportunity to work as a rider during the Wellington competition season – in order to gain more international experience and to expand my network. I have experience selling and exporting horses to the most of Europe, the Middle East, as well as the Unites States. 

Currently, I have in excess of 2500 rounds in show jumping competitions, at all levels up to 160 cm. Current Grand Prix horse, Vivy de Semilly – Danish Cristmas Show 2016:

My primary motivation is the joy of seeing and feeling the progress with the individual horse - whether it is a horse in training or a horse for sale. Likewise, I find great satisfaction in selling the right horse for the right customer.

I ride because I am passionate about it, and because it gives me tremendous pleasure to educate and train horses. In my opinion and experience - to ride up to 12 horses a day is not admirable, but mistaken. I ride only 6-8 horses every day, because it allows me to do some more serious work. By allowing more time to attend to the needs and challenges of the individual horse, whether it is issues of riding, the normal care or well-being, the outcome will be better, to the greater satisfaction of both the horses, breeders and owners.

As a trainer of riders I succeed in providing the individual rider a basic understanding of the fundamentals of showjumping and how to maintain a positive attitude toward improving the cooperation between horse and rider.

Assisting manager and rider Sara Noes Michaelsen

Sara Michaelsen has been employed as a rider at since January 2016. Today she is also a partner and assisting manager in the company.

She co-ordinate all matters in the stable, including personnel schedules, and special training events. She has worked with training of horses since 2013 and has competed in both dressage and showjumping up to the medium level. Since 2017 she has specialized in show jumping and is currently competing up to 130 cm shows.

Sara’s private horse, Luis Van Gaal – Danish Cristmas Show 2016:

Sara brings a good feel for the individual horse, especially the necessary dressage-foundation of jumping, and thereby add great value to the training of the horses in the stable.

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